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Angel Funds

Angel funds are relatively new and there are still only a few dozen established funds.

Angel investors collectively invest around $25 billion per year in North America. This is as much as all venture capital funds combined. But up until recently, this has all been invested by individual angels.

Over the past decade, as the angel investment movement has gathered momentum, and the funding gap has worsened, a few entrepreneurial fund managers and angels have created angel funds. These new investment vehicles are a better way for high net worth investors, and institutions, to participate in the exciting returns from early stage and seed investing.

This site is the first directory of angel funds. Our goal is to aggregate information on as many angel funds as possible. If you know of one that is not listed, please send them a link to our site, or send us a web address for their fund. Thank you.


Fund Website:

Type of Fund: Open-ended

Date Started: June 1, 2005

Location: Greater Vancouver, BC

Fund Manager: Basil Peters



Fund Website:

Type of Fund: Open-ended

Date Started: 2004

Location: Vancouver, BC

Fund Manager: Mike Volker


Oregon Angel Fund logo

Fund Website:

Type of Fund:

Date Started: 2007

Location: Portland, Oregon

Fund Managers: Eric Pozzo, Eric Rosenfeld, Bob Ward