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Other Director Compensation Surveys and Data

The Western Compensation & Benefits Consultants ( reported their National Board of Directors Compensation Survey in November, 2006. This graphic shows their data for average annual cash retainers, meeting fees and additional Chair compensation for companies with revenues under $100 million.

Annual Retainers

Director Per Meeting Fees

Roger Gurr is a an expert in board director, management and executive compensation and is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars. He speaks on director compensation annually at the BC Directors Club breakfast. At his presentation on December 14, 2006 he provided the following data and rules of thumb:

Director Compensation for Small (Mid Range) Technology companies is $80,000 per year per independent director. This is usually all equity for early stage companies and later about 50% cash and 50% equity.

The total compensation for all directors approximates the CEO compensation if the number of directors is reasonable.

Based on an update post in 2008, director compensations have continued to increase and these numbers may now be low.