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Full Screen Toggle Instructions for AngelBlog Videos

We apologize if you are having technical challenges viewing our videos on your computer. Most of the time it's a very simple fix - just one click on the "FULLSCREEN TOGGLE" button shown below.

The videos on AngelBlog are all high definition - mostly in 720p resolution. The most common size is 1280x720. If your computer screen has a resolution higher than 1400x1000 you should be fine (because the 1280x720 video with borders will fit nicely on your screen.)

If your computer screen is smaller, then you won't be able to see the entire video without using the vertical and horizontal scroll bars.

The simple solution is to switch to full screen mode by clicking on the "FULLSCREEN TOGGLE" below. That button is in the lower right hand corner of each video.

Just hit your "Esc" key, or move our mouse to see the menu, to exit the full screen mode anytime.

If you are still having problems viewing our videos, please contact Linda for help.

AngelBlog Video Full Screen Mode Instructions