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CEO Update to Shareholders Template

This CEO Update template is the results of collaboration with several local angel investors and entrepreneurs. If you have some suggestions on how this could be improved further, please add a comment.

[Company] CEO Update January 2006


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This is the CEO Update to Shareholders for [full company name] for [the month].

Dashboard (legend)

  Revenue EBIT New Customers Runway
Revenue Graph
(Blue=Actual, Yellow=Budget)
(Blue=Actual, Yellow=Budget)

Good metrics to graph include EBITDA, Revenue, Number of New Customers, etc.

Each of item below should consist of one to two paragraphs.

Highlights and Red Flags

At the top of the update, succinctly describe both the good and the bad news from the previous month.

Financial Results Compared to Budget for 20060115

The best way to show your financials is in two tables, one for the current month and one for the Year To Date results. Each table needs four columns: row heading, Actual, Budgeted and Variance %. Because your CEO Update is constrained to 550 pixels, its difficult to read this in one seven column table.

This is a very short analysis of the variance to budget for [the month] and for the year to date. In total, the Company is *[over/under] budget on expenses by a total of $* for the month in question, and *[over/under] budget on expenses by a total of $* for the year to date. All variances must be expressed as dollars and as a percentage of the budgeted amount.

The reasons for these variances are ____.

Runway (Cash Position)

The Company's current working capital position is $*, including accounts receivable of $* (also expressed in days) and payables of $* (and days). The Company's cash position at month end was $*. The Company's current burn rate is $*. Assuming we hit our targets the Company has sufficient cash to fund operations until *[date] which is a runway of _days.

Research and Development

Discuss how the actual work is proceeding to plan and explain any variances. Summarize material problems that have been encountered that are currently outstanding, and what is being done to address them.

Sales and Marketing

A short sales report that describes the funnel, how it is being filled, how it is being managed, the expected closure rate and date etc. If, in any prior reports, sales were projected to close and they have fallen off the table, identify and explain what happened.

Strategic Relationships

Discuss any discussions, progress etc. in relation to strategic partners.

Human Resources

Discuss significant additions to/deletions from the team over the past month and the total number of hires and losses. If the budget projected a new hire in that month and the position hasn’t been filled, discuss. Identify what positions are needed to be filled. If the Company is at risk regarding a position, please identify. Identify additions/deletions to the Board and Advisory Board as well.


Discuss the status of your financing plans. Also advise if the Company has been approached by any financiers.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Discuss any approaches that have been made by potential buyers, or if the Company has identified any acquisition opportunities.

Heads Up

Discuss any material item that may come up in the next 90 days that we should be aware of.

Capital Structure

If there have been any changes other than regular vesting of employee shares or options, give a description of the class and rights of the newly issued shares along with all other shares and options in a tabular summary similar to this example.

The Company issued * common shares during the month for consideration of $*. The Company issued * options during the month with an exercise price of $* and a term of *.

Add any additional sections pertinent to your business that your shareholders should be aware of.

The foregoing is, to the best of my knowledge, true and accurate.

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