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The 'One Page' Term Sheet for Angel Investors

This is not a theory or academic exercise. This term sheet is in actual use today by angel funds in BC.

This term sheet is based on exchangeable shares. This simplified term sheet is based on the underlying assumption that an effective, independent board is in place and that the board will make the best decisions for all shareholders. It also assumes the company is built on a fair and equitable structure.

Term Sheet offered to the"Company"

This Term Sheet has been prepared for angel investments made at an early stage by "the Angel Fund". The terms have been simplified to match the stage of investment and are offered for consideration and acceptance.

Offer of Investment

The Fund will purchase, together with any syndicated investors, (collectively the "Investors"), common shares (the "Shares") at a price of $* per Share. The total round for all Investors will be $* of which the Fund will invest $* to acquire a total of * Shares. So long as the Investors hold their Shares and until a liquidity event, they shall have the right to exchange them for the same kind and class of securities issued by the Company (the "New Securities") in any follow on financings should such New Securities have rights superior to the Shares. The Investment will be made pursuant to an Investment Agreement made between the Investors, the Company and certain of its principals (the "Principals"). The capital structure on closing will be as described in the attached Share Register.

Board of Directors

The Fund believes that early stage investments need strong mentoring and governance provided by a high quality, engaged Board. On the completion of the investment, the Board will be comprised as follows:

Share and Option Vesting

The Fund believes that it is important that the Principals' interests align with the Investors. In this regard the parties agree that all stock options and all nominally priced previously issued shares will vest on the following basis:

All share and option vesting will accelerate on a sale of the Company. An Escrow Agreement will be entered into to provide for the vesting.

Liquidity Event

To ensure that a return can be provided to all of the Company's shareholders when an opportunity presents itself to sell the Company, the Fund will require a "drag-along" right be added to the Company's constating documents to allow the holders of 51% of the issued shares of the Company to cause the sale of all of the shares of the Company.

Reporting to Shareholders

The company will send a CEO Update monthly to all shareholders. Financial statements are also available upon request.

Investor Rights

Investors have the right of first refusal to participate in future financings.

Any changes to the capital structure, new shares, options or debt requires the approval of the majority of the investors in this round.


The Company will pay the legal costs of the Fund not to exceed $6,500, plus taxes and disbursements thereon. The Company will keep confidential this Term Sheet and all discussions with the Fund for a period of two years.

Binding Nature

This Term Sheet will terminate on *[date], unless terminated earlier by the Fund. The Company will not seek alternate financing unless and until this Term Sheet has terminated or been terminated by the Fund. The confidentiality provisions will survive termination of this Term Sheet. Acknowledged and agreed to by the Company and by the Fund this * day of *, 200* by: [Signatures]


From Jared Still

Very helpful stuff, especially the one-page term sheet. It pays to keep it simple, up-front.

From The Startup Guy - March 4th, 2008

Basil Peters has a great single-page term sheet

If you’re an angel negotiating with a company OR a company heading towards an angel-based round, you should have a quick peek at Basil Peters’ one page term sheet. It’s chock full of good ideas about how to come to an agreement without huge legal bills.

The site is worthwhile for other reasons, too. It has a lot of well-thought-out content that will be very helpful to both investors and startups.

From Ask the VC by Brad Feld - June 8, 2008

More Thoughts on Structuring an Angel Investment

I'm not a fan of convertible notes as the form of an angel investment.  When I'm making an angel investment, I much prefer to price the round and do a "light Series A" (simple terms, but still a preferred instrument.)  Basil Peters has a series of posts up on Angel blog that talks about the problems of Convertible Notes for Angel Investing, suggests Exchangeable Shares for Angel Investors, and even provides a One Page Term Sheet for Angel Investors.

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